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Nabis is a leading technology-driven cannabis distribution platform, facilitating streamlined operations for the cannabis industry. It offers a vast range of products from hundreds of brands, providing services like warehousing, rapid delivery, payment processing, and data analytics to enhance operational efficiency and scale for licensed dispensaries.

Founded: 2018

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Nabis Company Overview

Nabis revolutionizes the cannabis distribution landscape by combining technology with extensive logistics to simplify the supply chain from producers to retailers. This approach has facilitated its recognition by significant industry entities and inclusion in prestigious startup accelerators like Y Combinator, underscoring its innovative and rapid growth. The platform offers an array of services including fast fulfillment, extensive warehousing, advanced payment systems, and flexible financing. Nabis's proprietary software supports seamless order and inventory management, along with financial oversight, enabling brands and retailers to focus on expansion rather than logistics. An essential component is Nabis Analytics, which delivers real-time sales, operational, and financial data, providing brands with actionable insights through custom reporting and tailored dashboards. Nabis's operational capabilities are robust, featuring an extensive logistics network with significant warehouse space and vehicle count, ensuring comprehensive coverage and swift service to all retailers in its operational regions. By integrating advanced technology into traditional distribution methods, Nabis supports the growth and regulatory compliance of brands within the dynamic cannabis industry, offering scalable solutions to meet the challenges of market logistics.

Management Team

Vince Ning Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Jun S. Lee Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Will Brophy Chief Operating Officer
Tejas Kotecha Chief Technology Officer

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