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Mythic AI specializes in advanced AI inference solutions for edge devices, utilizing a unique analog compute architecture. Their innovative technology, designed for power efficiency and superior performance, is poised to redefine various industries, including smart cities, aerospace, and intelligent robotics. Mythic AI's products enable rapid deployment of complex AI models directly where data is generated, fulfilling the demand for real-time, efficient processing.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with a vision to overcome the limitations of digital AI processors, Mythic AI has emerged as a leader in analog compute technology, offering revolutionary solutions for edge AI applications. The company's flagship product, the Mythic Analog Matrix Processor (Mythic AMP™), integrates AI inference capabilities directly into dense flash-memory arrays. This design allows the performance of trillions of operations required for AI inference, setting it apart from traditional digital architectures that struggle with power efficiency and scalability. Mythic AI's technology is tailored for environments where low latency, low power consumption, and compact design are crucial. Their processors enable devices to perform complex computational tasks on-site, significantly reducing the need for data to be sent to centralized servers. This is particularly advantageous for applications within smart cities, where real-time data processing can enhance public safety and operational efficiency, and in sectors like aerospace and robotics, where rapid, reliable data processing is critical. The company was co-founded by CEO Dave Fick, who has steered Mythic AI towards developing advanced analog AI technologies and establishing a robust platform for AI developers. This platform enhances the integration of deep neural networks across various products, ensuring their optimal performance in demanding environments, thereby reflecting the strategic direction and innovative approach of his leadership at Mythic AI. Mythic AI's strategic focus on power-efficient analog computing solutions positions them uniquely in the tech industry, enabling more sustainable, effective, and innovative AI applications at the edge. Their ongoing development and expansion into new markets underscore their commitment to enhancing AI accessibility and functionality, paving the way for future advancements in the field.

Management Team

Dave Fick Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Laura Fick Chief Analog Compute Architect

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