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mParticle is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers organizations to integrate and orchestrate their data across multiple channels. It enhances data quality, governs privacy, and utilizes AI to predict and influence customer behavior effectively. Trusted by companies of various sizes, mParticle streamlines data management, enabling personalized customer experiences and strategic marketing decisions.

Founded: 2013

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Founded to address complex data challenges, mParticle provides an advanced Customer Data Platform designed to unify, manage, and secure customer data. The platform integrates data from numerous sources in real-time, ensuring data quality and compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CPRA. Its capabilities facilitate the creation of a unified customer profile, enabling personalized marketing and predictive analytics to enhance customer interactions and decision-making processes. The platform is distinguished by its AI-driven insights that help predict customer behaviors and tailor marketing strategies accordingly. mParticle supports data-driven decisions across different roles within an organization, including marketers, product managers, and developers, by providing tools like real-time segmentation, journey analytics, and data orchestration. With a client base ranging from startups to large enterprises, mParticle has established itself as a scalable solution capable of handling vast amounts of data while maintaining robust security standards. Its modular approach allows businesses to customize features according to their needs, ranging from basic data pipelines to comprehensive analytics and audience engagement tools. This flexibility, combined with expert support and a user-friendly interface, makes mParticle a valuable asset for businesses aiming to capitalize on their data assets and drive growth through informed strategies.

Management Team

Michael Katz Co-Founder, CEO
Andrew Katz Co-Founder, CTO
Dave Myers Co-Founder, COO
Kiran Hebbar CFO
Craig Kelly Head of Product

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