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Movandi is a pioneering force in the 5G industry, focusing on advancing mmWave technology to enhance network performance and coverage. Through innovative smart repeaters and partnerships with major technology companies, Movandi is driving the cost-effective expansion of 5G mmWave networks globally.

Founded: 2016

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Founded by former Broadcom innovators, Movandi is a leading developer in the 5G space, particularly in mmWave solutions. Movandi's core offerings include smart repeaters, chipsets, and BeamXR technology, which collectively tackle the challenges of 5G mmWave deployment, such as high costs, limited coverage, and complex installations. The company's products are designed to significantly enhance the performance, coverage, and latency of 5G networks, enabling substantial improvements over existing technologies. Movandi stands out with its strategic partnerships with major tech entities like Verizon, Qualcomm, and NXP, which have been crucial in broadening the application of its technologies across various sectors, including automotive and urban infrastructure. The integration of AI and machine learning in their BeamXR platform facilitates dynamic optimization of network operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. The company's commitment to innovation is underscored by its substantial patent portfolio, reflecting its leading role in the 5G technology landscape. Movandi continues to focus on scalable, cost-effective solutions, aiming to revolutionize 5G deployment and accessibility worldwide.

Management Team

Reza Rofougaran Co-CEO, CTO, Co-founder
Maryam Rofougaran Co-CEO, COO, Co-founder
Scott Burri CFO

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