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Movable Ink is a leader in the digital marketing sphere, specializing in creating dynamic and personalized content for emails, mobiles, and web applications. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, Movable Ink helps brands optimize customer engagement by transforming data into compelling and customized marketing communications across various digital platforms.

Founded: 2010

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Movable Ink Company Overview

Movable Ink has carved a niche in the marketing technology landscape by focusing on personalized digital content creation. The company's core offering revolves around its ability to automate the content personalization process using real-time data, significantly enhancing customer interaction and engagement levels across multiple channels. At the heart of Movable Ink’s innovation is its powerful platform that integrates seamlessly with existing marketing technologies, allowing marketers to harness the full potential of their data. This integration facilitates the generation of personalized content tailored to individual consumer behaviors and preferences, dynamically adjusted at the moment of engagement. This means that every piece of content a consumer sees is optimized for relevance and impact, based on the latest data available. The company's solutions span several industries, including retail, financial services, media, travel, and hospitality, indicating its versatile application and broad market appeal. Each solution is designed to meet the unique challenges of these sectors, from enhancing the customer journey with personalized offers to optimizing campaign performance with actionable insights. Movable Ink’s approach to marketing is grounded in a philosophy that prioritizes the customer experience over traditional campaign metrics. This customer-centric approach is augmented by the company’s investment in AI and machine learning technologies, which are employed to predict and respond to customer needs more effectively. The leadership team, led by co-founders Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt, brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to digital marketing. Their leadership has steered the company through significant growth phases, evidenced by its expanding global footprint and a robust client list that includes some of the world’s most recognized brands. Movable Ink also places a strong emphasis on community and industry engagement. They host various events like the annual Think Summit, which gathers industry leaders to discuss innovations in digital marketing and customer engagement strategies. Movable Ink stands out in the marketing technology field for its advanced, AI-powered solutions that transform how brands interact with their customers, ensuring every marketing interaction is smart, personalized, and data-driven.

Management Team

Vivek Sharma Co-founder & CEO
Michael Nutt Co-founder & CTO
John Herman CFO
Adam Stambleck CRO

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