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Motive is a comprehensive fleet management platform that leverages AI-driven solutions to enhance safety, compliance, and operational efficiency for businesses. With features like real-time GPS tracking, automated compliance tools, and smart dashcams, Motive supports a diverse range of companies in optimizing their fleet operations across various industries, including trucking, construction, and field services.

Motive (KeepTruckin) Company Overview

Motive, formerly known as KeepTruckin, offers an all-in-one fleet management platform designed to streamline operations and improve safety for businesses of all sizes. Utilizing AI-powered applications, Motive provides a suite of tools that include GPS fleet tracking, electronic logging device (ELD) compliance, driver safety enhancements through AI dashcams, and automated maintenance tracking. Key products include the Motive Card for fleet spend management, a real-time telematics system for asset tracking, and a platform that integrates with various industry-specific solutions. The company's offerings are tailored to a wide range of sectors such as trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, and food and beverage, enabling businesses to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance. Motive's leadership comprises experienced professionals dedicated to advancing fleet technology, with a strong emphasis on customer support and continuous innovation. The platform is trusted by over 120,000 companies, managing more than a million vehicles and drivers. Recognized for its excellence, Motive has received multiple industry awards, including being a G2 leader in Fleet Management Software and a six-time Forbes Cloud 100 honoree. By providing actionable insights and automated solutions, Motive empowers businesses to proactively manage their fleets, enhance safety, and achieve significant operational efficiencies. The company's remote-first workplace culture also reflects its commitment to flexibility and productivity, ensuring robust support for its global clientele.

Management Team

Shoaib Makani CEO
Ryan Johns CTO
Obaid Khan Head of Operations
Jairam Ranganathan VP of Product
Siva Gurumurthy VP of Engineering
Caitlin Schlakman VP of Talent Acquisition
Brian Germain SVP of Sales and Customer Success
Jason Leu GM of Freight
Rahul Jaswa VP of BizOps, Strategy & New Revenue
Kim Larsen VP of Data Science

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