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Mosaic is a leading financier in the clean energy sector, specializing in providing accessible and affordable financing solutions for solar energy systems and home improvements. Mosaic partners with top solar and home improvement companies to offer homeowners innovative financial products and a streamlined process to make sustainable home improvements achievable.

Founded: 2012

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Mosaic Company Overview

Founded with the mission to empower sustainable home improvements through innovative financial solutions, Mosaic has become a prominent player in the clean energy finance industry. Mosaic facilitates financing for a range of home improvement projects that focus on energy efficiency, including solar panel installations, battery storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging setups, HVAC systems, roofing, and window upgrades. Mosaic operates primarily by partnering with contractors and companies that install solar and other home improvement systems. This business model allows Mosaic to integrate their services directly into the sales process, providing fast, straightforward financing options for homeowners looking to make sustainable upgrades. Their technology platform simplifies the application and funding process, allowing contractors to sell, close, and manage their deals efficiently from anywhere, on any device. Mosaic's approach is distinct in its combination of technology-driven solutions and commitment to sustainability. The company aims to drive significant impact on climate change by making it easier and more affordable for homeowners to adopt clean energy solutions. Through their efforts, Mosaic has helped approximately 400,000 homeowners transition to sustainable solutions, contributing to over 16.9 million metric tons of CO2 elimination. The company is headquartered in the United States and has established a substantial presence in the clean energy sector by focusing on customer and contractor needs, competitive pricing, and rapid funding options. Their commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices is reflected in their operational success and growth in the renewable energy financing market. Mosaic's impact and innovations in the financial sector underscore their role as a critical enabler of energy-efficient home improvements across the U.S.

Management Team

Billy Parish Founder & CEO
Patrick Moore President & COO
Steve Controulis CFO
Nagaraju Bandaru CTO
Erin Talbot Chief Lending Officer
Heather Houston VP, People
Anitha Srinivasan VP, Business Operations
Wendy Zorick VP, Risk
Lakshman Venkatesan VP, Finance
Dhanur Grandhi VP, Product
Susan Comstock Controller
Alex Kaplan Senior Director of Capital Markets

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