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Moogsoft is an industry leader in AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), providing advanced solutions that empower IT operations with automated incident resolution and proactive anomaly detection. By integrating AI and machine learning technologies, Moogsoft helps businesses streamline their IT operations, enhance digital experiences, and maintain continuous availability. Their platform supports a variety of integrations, allowing organizations to optimize their existing tools and data effectively.

Founded: 2011

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Founded with the vision to revolutionize IT operations through artificial intelligence, Moogsoft has become a pivotal player in the AIOps industry. Moogsoft's platform leverages machine learning and AI to automate incident management processes, reducing the noise from alerts and enhancing the ability of IT teams to respond to incidents more efficiently. This results in significant improvements in system uptime and operational efficiency. The platform's core features include noise reduction, anomaly detection, correlation, and automated collaboration, all designed to handle the complexities of modern IT environments, including microservices and hybrid cloud systems. By automatically correlating vast amounts of operational data, Moogsoft helps organizations detect and resolve incidents before they impact business operations, thereby supporting continuous delivery and agile operations. Moogsoft's technology is widely acknowledged for its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing IT management tools, making it an essential solution for businesses looking to enhance their operational agility. The company has also established a robust customer success framework that supports businesses in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications, helping them to minimize downtime and improve their digital services. The company was acquired by Dell Technologies in August 2023, marking a significant expansion in its capabilities and market reach. Operating globally with headquarters in San Francisco and an office in London, Moogsoft continues to innovate and lead in the AIOps space, driving advancements that enable businesses to navigate digital disruptions and optimize their IT operations for the future.

Management Team

Phil Tee Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Robert Harper Chief Science Officer
Charles Silvey Co-Founder, Board Member and Executive Vice President

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