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Monte Carlo Data is a leading platform for data observability, ensuring reliable data for businesses by detecting, resolving, and preventing data quality issues. With end-to-end monitoring capabilities, it provides anomaly detection, incident triaging, and root cause analysis, helping organizations maintain data integrity and trust.

Monte Carlo Company Overview

Founded to address the challenges of data reliability, Monte Carlo Data offers a comprehensive data observability platform designed to ensure data quality across modern data stacks. The platform provides businesses with the tools to detect anomalies, triage incidents, and resolve root causes efficiently, thus minimizing data downtime. Key features include anomaly detection powered by machine learning, integration with various data tools and workflows, and automated incident management. Monte Carlo's solutions cater to diverse industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail, and technology, addressing specific needs like data quality monitoring, report integrity, and cloud migration support. The platform integrates seamlessly with tools like Apache Spark, Tableau, Slack, and AWS services, providing robust interoperability. Founded by industry experts, Monte Carlo aims to empower data engineers and analysts by offering visibility into data health metrics such as freshness, volume, and schema changes. This proactive approach helps prevent costly data issues and builds stakeholder trust. Monte Carlo's emphasis on high-quality alerts and automated resolutions streamlines data operations, making it a critical asset for businesses seeking to maintain reliable and trustworthy data. For companies looking to eliminate data quality issues and enhance their data operations, Monte Carlo Data provides an essential solution that scales with their needs, ensuring that data reliability is never compromised.

Management Team

Barr Moses CEO, Co-Founder
Lior Gavish CTO, Co-Founder

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