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Modular is revolutionizing AI with its Modular Accelerated Xecution (MAX) platform, designed to optimize AI workloads across various hardware. Featuring Mojo, a programming language combining Python's usability and C's performance, MAX enables seamless AI model deployment, unparalleled performance, and cost savings. Trusted by industry leaders, Modular provides a comprehensive, high-performance AI software stack.

Founded: 2022

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Modular is revolutionizing AI development with its Modular Accelerated Xecution (MAX) platform and Mojo programming language. The MAX platform is designed to be highly programmable, performant, and portable, featuring tools and libraries that facilitate real-time AI inference with exceptional performance across diverse hardware. The MAX Engine, a core component, provides a model inference runtime and API library that ensures efficiency and adaptability. Mojo, a significant innovation by Modular, combines the user-friendly nature of Python with the high performance of C, enabling developers to leverage AI hardware capabilities fully. This programming language supports extensive optimizations, custom operations, and extensions, allowing organizations to avoid vendor lock-in and achieve optimal performance-to-cost ratios. Modular's technology is designed to simplify AI workflows, making it easier for developers to migrate existing models and pipelines without significant rewriting. This flexibility helps organizations achieve superior performance and cost efficiency, leveraging various hardware, including GPUs, CPUs, and specialized AI accelerators. By supporting seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure, such as Kubernetes and Triton, Modular ensures a smooth deployment process for AI models. Since its inception, Modular has built a robust ecosystem, with its solutions being adopted by tens of thousands of enterprises and a community of over 120,000 developers, including many leading technology companies. Modular’s approach emphasizes practical, high-performance AI infrastructure, continuously evolving to meet the needs of the AI community. Modular's technology simplifies AI workflows, maximizes hardware capabilities, and makes advanced AI technologies more accessible and efficient. By setting new standards in the AI industry, Modular ensures that AI developers and enterprises can achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in their AI projects.

Management Team

Chris Lattner Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tim Davis Co-Founder and President

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