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Modern Treasury provides an advanced software platform that facilitates efficient money movement for businesses. By integrating payment processing with automated reconciliation features, the platform supports real-time financial operations. It caters to finance, product, and engineering teams, offering solutions that connect seamlessly with numerous banks and financial institutions globally.

Founded: 2018

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Modern Treasury Company Overview

Founded by Dimitri Dadiomov, Sam Aarons, and Matt Marcus, Modern Treasury aims to streamline complex financial operations for businesses. The company offers a robust platform that specializes in managing payments and reconciliations through sophisticated software solutions. Modern Treasury's products include a granular matching engine for real-time reconciliation, an API that integrates with over 40 banks, and a central system for managing financial transactions and data, enhanced with AI-driven analytics. The platform is designed to support various teams within an organization. Finance teams benefit from features like AI-powered exception handling and automatic reconciliation, which ensure accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting. Product teams can utilize the API to orchestrate payments across North America, Europe, the UK, and Australia, enabling seamless global operations. For engineering teams, Modern Treasury offers a database management solution that acts as a central source of truth for transactional and balance data, facilitating better financial decision-making. With enterprise-grade security measures in place, including support for role-based access control (RBAC) and compliance with major security standards like SOC I, SOC II, and PCI DSS, Modern Treasury ensures a secure environment for handling sensitive financial data. This makes it a reliable partner for businesses looking to modernize their payment systems and achieve scalable growth in the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance.

Management Team

Dimitri Dadiomov CEO, Co-Founder
Matt Marcus Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
Sam Aarons CTO, Co-Founder
Rachel Pike COO

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