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Misfits Market is an innovative online grocery platform committed to reducing food waste by delivering fresh, organic produce and quality pantry items that are sourced directly from farmers and producers. The company offers these products at discounted prices by rescuing items that are too often discarded due to cosmetic imperfections or excess supply.

Founded: 2018

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Misfits Market Company Overview

Founded to address the critical issue of food waste, Misfits Market operates as an online marketplace that connects consumers with affordable, high-quality, and sustainable groceries. The business model centers on rescuing organic produce and other goods that would otherwise be wasted due to aesthetic imperfections or surplus production. By establishing partnerships with farmers and producers, Misfits Market is able to offer a wide array of products ranging from fresh produce to pantry staples, all delivered directly to customers' doors. This not only helps in reducing food waste but also supports local agriculture by providing a steady market for items that might not meet the conventional retail standards. The platform offers flexible subscription services, allowing customers to customize their orders based on personal preference and frequency of delivery. Misfits Market has gained significant attention and growth, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers who are also looking for convenience and value in their grocery shopping. Through strategic sourcing, efficient logistics, and a commitment to sustainability, Misfits Market is carving a niche in the grocery delivery industry.

Management Team

Abhijeeth Ramesh Founder, CEO
Anthony Antonello CFO
Christopher Nelson COO
Timothy O'Rourke CTO
Joshua Kreinberg JD Chief Administrative Officer

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