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Mirantis is a prominent player in the cloud infrastructure and services sector, specializing in on-prem and multi-cloud solutions managed through Kubernetes. The company offers a robust portfolio of products and services designed to enhance cloud strategy, including enterprise Kubernetes platforms, container management, and private cloud solutions. Mirantis supports a wide range of industries, providing the tools and expertise needed for efficient, scalable cloud operations.

Founded: 1999

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Mirantis Company Overview

Founded in 1999, Mirantis has established itself as a leading provider of open cloud infrastructure across multiple platforms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. The company's core offerings revolve around the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE), Mirantis Container Cloud (MCC), and Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK), catering to complex container orchestration needs and private cloud environments. Mirantis has strategically positioned itself as a key player in the Kubernetes ecosystem, with its products enabling businesses to deploy, manage, and scale applications seamlessly across any cloud environment. The Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) and Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) further enhance its cloud offerings by providing secure software supply chains. The leadership team, comprising seasoned industry experts, has steered Mirantis towards significant growth, impacting over 50,000 organizations globally. Their solutions are particularly favored for their ability to integrate seamlessly with existing IT systems, offering scalability and flexibility unmatched by proprietary solutions. This capability allows businesses to maintain control over their digital assets and optimize their operational costs. Mirantis is also deeply committed to the open-source community, contributing to and maintaining several projects that advance cloud technologies and DevOps tools. By fostering a robust ecosystem of partners and developers, Mirantis not only supports technological innovation but also ensures that it stays at the forefront of industry developments and standards. Mirantis is recognized for its comprehensive approach to cloud infrastructure, distinguished by its proven track record of scalable deployments and continuous innovation in integrating cutting-edge technologies. As organizations increasingly prioritize digital transformation, Mirantis plays a crucial role in enabling cloud-native technologies, which positions it effectively for sustained growth and relevance in the evolving tech landscape.

Management Team

Adrian Ionel CEO
Mansoor Ali Head of Professional Services
Chris Etheredge SVP, Worldwide Sales
Dave Van Everen SVP, Marketing
Milind Gadre D-VP, Engineering
Oleg Goldman SVP, Operations
William du Plessis Director

Funding Information


Horizon Technology Finance Provides $35MM Venture Loan Facility to Mirantis - Monitordaily

Horizon Technology Finance, an affiliate of Monroe Capital, provided a $35 million venture loan facility to Mirantis, of which $20 million was initially funded. Mirantis will use the loan proceeds for general growth and working capital.

Mirantis Launches Open Source Kubernetes Control Plane Project

Mirantis launched an open source k0smotron control plane project for Kubernetes that makes it simpler to centrally manage multiple clusters.

Mirantis Updates k0s Lightweight Kubernetes Distro

Kubernetes 1.27 compatibility, bug fixes, and support for containerD WASM and gVisor container sandboxes, there are a few of our favorite things that the new version of k0s brings us.

Mirantis acquires Shipa | TechCrunch

Mirantis today announced that it has acquired Shipa, a startup that helps developers more easily deploy and manage cloud-native apps.

Mirantis on run rate over $100M two years after buying Docker Enterprise assets

In a conversation with TechCrunch this week, Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel said the company expects to make $28 million in total revenue this quarter, putting it on a run rate of well over $100 million. He says about 80% of that is recurring. He adds that the revenue split is about 50/50 when it comes to the assets it bought from Docker and rebranded as Mirantis — including Docker Enterprise Engine, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Unified Control Plane and Docker CLI — and the cloud platform tools all built on Kuberentes that the company had prior to that purchase.