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Minted is an online marketplace offering premium design goods created by independent artists. The company provides a platform for artists to sell their artwork, stationery, home decor, and wedding supplies. Minted leverages crowdsourcing to select top designs through customer votes, ensuring a diverse and fresh product range.

Founded: 2007

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Minted is an innovative online marketplace headquartered in San Francisco, California. The platform connects independent artists with consumers by offering a diverse range of premium products, including art prints, stationery, home decor, and wedding supplies. Minted's unique business model revolves around crowdsourcing, where artists submit their designs for consumer voting. This process ensures that only the most popular and trend-forward designs are produced and sold. Initially launched to sell high-end stationery, Minted quickly expanded its offerings due to the overwhelming success of designs created by independent artists. Recognizing the potential of crowdsourced designs, the company diversified into various product categories, including wall art, party decor, textiles, and digital content. This expansion allows Minted to cater to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences, offering everything from home furnishings to personalized wedding supplies. In 2021, Minted introduced the Minted Weddings Marketplace, a comprehensive platform that provides couples with a curated selection of personalized wedding products and decor. This marketplace supports artists by allowing them to manufacture and fulfill their own products, in addition to the traditional model where Minted handles these processes. This dual approach provides flexibility for artists and ensures a wide variety of unique, high-quality products for consumers. Minted has established strong partnerships with major retailers such as Target and West Elm, enabling the company to extend its reach through traditional retail distribution channels. These collaborations help bring Minted's independent artist community into mainstream retail, providing greater exposure and sales opportunities for the artists. The company's commitment to discovering and nurturing creative talent has fostered a global community of thousands of independent artists. Minted continuously champions artistic expression, ensuring that fresh, innovative designs are always available. This commitment to quality and innovation has helped Minted deliver unique products to millions of homes worldwide, making it a trusted destination for consumers seeking personalized and premium design goods.

Management Team

Mariam Naficy Co-Founder, CEO
Melissa Kim Co-Founder, President
Rich Baiardi VP Manufacturing Supply Chain

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