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Metropolis is a leading technology company specializing in AI-driven, checkout-free payment solutions for parking facilities. Their innovative platform optimizes parking operations, allowing real estate owners to boost revenue while providing drivers with a seamless parking experience.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to revolutionize urban mobility, Metropolis utilizes advanced computer vision and AI technology to offer seamless, checkout-free parking experiences. The company’s innovative platform allows drivers to simply drive in and out of parking facilities without needing to handle cash, credit cards, or ticket machines. This frictionless experience is achieved through the deployment of sophisticated AI that automates payment and maximizes operational efficiency. Metropolis primarily serves real estate owners by transforming their parking assets into revenue-generating operations. The company oversees every aspect of the parking process, from the technological interface to on-the-ground management, ensuring an optimal experience for both drivers and property owners. By integrating AI into parking operations, Metropolis enhances asset productivity and provides a significant competitive edge in major metropolitan areas. With operations in over 40 markets, including cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, Metropolis has rapidly expanded its footprint, attracting over six million drivers. The company offers in-person demos and promises quick, smooth implementations within 30 days of contract signing, with no hardware costs for clients. This approach underscores their commitment to delivering efficient, tech-enabled solutions that simplify urban mobility and enhance the value of commercial properties.

Management Team

Alexander Israel Co-Founder and CEO
Courtney Fukuda Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer
Peter Fisher Co-Founder and CCO

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