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Metronome is a dynamic usage-based billing platform tailored for modern software companies. It simplifies billing by enabling businesses to launch products rapidly, implement any pricing model, and streamline financial operations without the need for extensive coding. The platform is engineered to accommodate the fastest-growing startups and established enterprises, ensuring billing processes are not a bottleneck in business operations.

Founded: 2020

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Founded with the mission to revolutionize billing for software companies, Metronome provides a comprehensive, no-code billing solution that is designed to scale from startup to enterprise level without the traditional complications associated with financial operations. This platform allows companies to launch new products quickly and offers flexibility in pricing models, making it possible to adapt to various customer needs and market demands without engaging in complex coding or infrastructure development. Metronome transforms raw usage data into actionable billing information, simplifying the entire billing process. It supports multiple pricing strategies, including flat, tiered, volume-based charges, and hybrid models combining seats and subscriptions. Companies can manage pricing and packaging painlessly through automation using Metronome’s APIs, webhooks, and integration with customer relationship management and financial systems like Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Netsuite. The platform is particularly noted for its robust infrastructure that handles real-time data processing, ensuring accurate and timely billing information. With features like idempotency guarantees and data backfilling, Metronome ensures that invoices are always accurate, even in complex billing scenarios. This focus on reliability and precision makes Metronome a trusted partner for companies aiming to scale operations without increasing billing complexity. Security and compliance are top priorities for Metronome, offering solutions that meet stringent requirements for auditability and correctness, ensuring that enterprises can bill confidently and accurately. The platform’s ease of integration with existing tech stacks and its ability to support various revenue operations with minimal engineering input further enhance its attractiveness to companies looking to reduce operational overheads while improving billing experiences. Metronome's platform serves as a bridge between technical product management and financial revenue operations, enabling companies to focus more on core product development and less on the intricacies of billing and financial workflows.

Management Team

Kevin Liu Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Scott Woody Chief Technology Officer

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