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Merlin Labs is at the forefront of developing the Merlin Pilot, an advanced autonomous flight technology aimed at transforming aviation. By integrating sophisticated software with existing and new aircraft, Merlin Labs strives to enhance aviation safety and efficiency, operating in conjunction with regulatory bodies like the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for certification.

Founded: 2018

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Founded with the mission to innovate within the aviation industry, Merlin Labs is pioneering the development of autonomous flight technology through its flagship project, the Merlin Pilot. This initiative reflects a cutting-edge approach to aviation, where software solutions enable aircraft to operate semi-autonomously alongside human pilots, paving the way towards fully autonomous operations. The company's approach involves a phased integration strategy, starting with rigorous testing and certification in collaboration with major aviation authorities, including the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. This ensures that every step towards automation prioritizes safety and reliability, critical in gaining the trust of both the industry and the public. The Merlin Pilot is versatile and designed to be compatible with a diverse range of aircraft, whether they are veteran carriers of the skies or modern additions straight off the assembly line. This adaptability is key to Merlin Labs' strategy, allowing for scalable solutions that can be implemented across different fleets and aircraft types. To date, the system has already accumulated over 800 flight hours and has been tested across five different types of aircraft, demonstrating its robustness and operational capability. Merlin Labs is not just about technology but also about the team behind it, which comprises some of the brightest minds in aviation, engineering, and technology. The collective expertise of the team is dedicated to redefining what is possible in aviation, moving towards a future where autonomous flight is not just a possibility but a reality. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices and test facilities spread across the United States and New Zealand, emphasizing its global perspective and commitment to innovation in the aerospace industry.

Management Team

Matt George CEO
Alexander Naiman CTO
Travis Mason Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer

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