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Founded as MemSQL, SingleStore rebranded in 2020 to better reflect its capabilities beyond memory-centric workloads. SingleStore is a cutting-edge data platform specialized in real-time analytics and AI applications. It offers robust capabilities for transacting, analyzing, and contextualizing data on a large scale, enabling enterprises to drive real-time insights and decision-making.

Founded: 2011

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MemSQL Company Overview

SingleStore's platform is distinctive for its ability to handle mixed workloads with high performance, offering features like millisecond query response times and high concurrency support. It excels in environments demanding real-time analytics and data-intensive applications. The technology stack of SingleStore includes features like a unified transactional and analytical data architecture, fast data ingestion rates, and a three-tier storage system that optimizes both columnar and row-based access. SingleStore supports a wide array of data workloads including time-series, geospatial, full-text search, and JSON data handling. SingleStore’s market positioning is strengthened by its adaptability to serve multiple sectors, from financial services to SaaS platforms, enabling companies like Goldman Sachs and SiriusXM to leverage real-time data for strategic advantage. Its community and professional support infrastructure, combined with comprehensive documentation and active development, make it a robust solution for enterprises looking to enhance their operational analytics and real-time data capabilities. SingleStore stands as a technologically advanced platform with a robust customer base and a commitment to continuous innovation in data management technology. It offers significant potential in the rapidly expanding fields of real-time analytics and artificial intelligence applications, supporting a diverse range of industries and operational needs with its scalable solutions.

Management Team

Nikita Shamgunov Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Raj Verma Co-CEO
Adam Prout CTO
Manoj Jain SVP, Finance
Aileen Casanave VP, Head of Legal
Rick Negrin VP, Product Management
Robert Walzer VP of Engineering

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