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UPSIDE Foods, originally known as Memphis Meats, pioneers in the cultivated meat industry, offering meat products grown directly from animal cells. Their innovative approach focuses on producing high-quality meat without the need for animal slaughter, emphasizing sustainability, safety, and taste. The company appeals to food lovers seeking humane and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Founded: 2015

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Founded as Memphis Meats and now rebranded as UPSIDE Foods, this groundbreaking company stands at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry. Established with a vision to revolutionize meat consumption, UPSIDE Foods develops meat directly from animal cells, eliminating the need for conventional livestock farming. This method not only promises a reduction in environmental impact but also improves animal welfare by removing the need for slaughtering. The journey of UPSIDE Foods began with its founders, Uma Valeti, a cardiologist, and Nicholas Genovese, a stem cell biologist, who were motivated by the potential to transform the meat production industry. Their collaboration has turned into a robust venture backed by science and culinary expertise, aiming to cater to the growing global demand for protein in a sustainable manner. UPSIDE Foods' product line showcases the company's commitment to quality and innovation. Their flagship product is cultivated chicken, which has received acclaim from culinary experts, including Michelin-starred chefs. This product exemplifies the company's capability to replicate traditional meat textures and flavors while maintaining nutritional value, all produced in a controlled, biosecure environment. The production process at UPSIDE Foods involves cultivating animal cells in bioreactors where they mature into meat, bypassing the need for rearing and slaughtering animals. This process not only significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also conserves natural resources, aligning with global sustainability goals. Moreover, the company actively engages with consumers and stakeholders through educational initiatives and transparency about their production methods. Their facilities are designed to showcase the technology and processes involved in cell-cultured meat production, emphasizing their commitment to an open and progressive food system. UPSIDE Foods positions itself as a leader in the "new meat" category, focusing on the ethical, environmental, and health implications of meat consumption. Their mission resonates with a broad audience, ranging from environmentally conscious consumers to tech enthusiasts interested in the intersection of biotechnology and food. Through innovation and a focus on scalability, UPSIDE Foods aims to lead the charge towards a more sustainable and ethical approach to eating meat.