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MediaMath is a leading digital advertising technology company that offers a comprehensive Demand Side Platform (DSP) to help brands and agencies manage omnichannel marketing campaigns. With a focus on transparency, flexibility, and data-driven strategies, MediaMath enables efficient and effective ad placements across various digital channels.

Founded: 2007

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MediaMath Company Overview

MediaMath is a pioneering digital advertising technology company known for its robust Demand Side Platform (DSP). Headquartered in New York City, the company specializes in providing brands and agencies with tools to manage and optimize omnichannel marketing campaigns. MediaMath's platform integrates data, advanced algorithms, and machine learning to deliver targeted and impactful advertisements across digital media. A key component of MediaMath's offering is its enhanced platform that supports efficient campaign management through features such as data-driven audience targeting, cross-device identifiers, and a flexible identity graph. This allows marketers to connect with consumers in a consent-based manner, ensuring privacy and compliance. MediaMath's CTV (Connected TV) advertising solutions provide brands the ability to engage with their audience across multiple screens, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of their campaigns. The company emphasizes transparency and trust within the digital advertising ecosystem. By modernizing its inventory criteria and supporting multiple identity systems, MediaMath ensures that all campaigns meet high standards of supply chain transparency. The company's commitment to innovation is further highlighted by its collaboration with IBM Watson Advertising, integrating weather targeting data to enhance ad relevance and performance. MediaMath's solutions are complemented by a strong consultative approach, offering clients expert guidance to maximize the benefits of its platform. This exceptional partnership model enables clients to leverage advanced features and achieve their marketing goals efficiently. As a result, MediaMath stands out as a leader in the ad tech industry, continually evolving to meet the demands of modern digital advertising.

Management Team

Joe Zawadzski CEO
Konrad Gerszke President
Eleni Nicholas Chief Client Officer
Daniel Bisgeier Chief Investment Officer
Kimberly Samon Chief People Officer
Anudit Vikram Chief Product Officer

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