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Mapbox is a leading provider of location data platforms, enabling developers and businesses to create tailored location-based experiences. Their platform offers comprehensive tools for maps, navigation, and search functionalities. Mapbox is essential for industries like automotive, logistics, and mobile applications, providing innovative solutions to harness location intelligence effectively.

Founded: 2010

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Mapbox stands out as a key player in the location data services industry, offering a robust platform that integrates maps, navigation, and search tools. This technology serves a wide range of applications across various sectors including automotive, logistics, telecommunications, and mobile app development. Mapbox's technology is built on a foundation of over half a billion monthly active users, which helps in optimizing the location-based services they provide. Founded with the vision to empower developers with dynamic mapping tools, Mapbox allows for the creation of custom experiences that can dynamically interact with user data. Their services include Mapbox Studio, which enables the design of custom maps, and APIs that facilitate location searches and geographic data integration. Mapbox's SDKs are widely used in mobile applications to provide enhanced navigation systems that adapt to real-time traffic conditions and complex routing algorithms. The company's commitment to innovation is also evident in its latest offerings like Mapbox for EVs and AI-powered location tools such as Mapbox MapGPT. These advancements are paving the way for future applications in a wide range of industries, including autonomous driving and augmented reality. Mapbox has positioned itself as a critical resource for enterprises that rely on up-to-date geographic data and sophisticated location-based solutions. The platform's flexibility and extensive documentation support developers in creating tailored solutions that meet specific needs, making it a preferred choice for leading global companies looking to leverage advanced location intelligence.

Management Team

Peter Sirota CEO
Scott Hill CFO
Eric Gunderson CSO, Co-Founder
Young Hahn CTO

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