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MANTL provides innovative digital banking solutions designed to help banks and credit unions enhance deposit origination and streamline back-office operations. Their platform offers consumer and commercial account opening solutions that integrate seamlessly with core banking systems, driving growth and efficiency.

Founded: 2016

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MANTL Company Overview

MANTL, established to revolutionize the banking industry, offers advanced digital solutions for banks and credit unions. Specializing in deposit origination, MANTL’s platform supports both consumer and commercial accounts, integrating smoothly with existing core banking systems and other fintech applications. The platform automates over 90% of KYC/AML decisions, significantly reducing manual intervention and enabling customers to open and fund accounts in less than three minutes. Key features of MANTL’s platform include a highly configurable interface allowing financial institutions to adjust risk thresholds, underwriting standards, and product rates without coding. This flexibility ensures that banks can rapidly adapt to changing regulatory requirements and market conditions. Additionally, MANTL's platform supports a seamless user experience, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and retention. MANTL has been instrumental in driving growth and operational efficiency for numerous financial institutions. By streamlining the account opening process, the platform helps banks and credit unions expand their customer base and improve service delivery. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions has earned it recognition within the financial technology sector. The leadership team at MANTL includes experienced professionals with deep expertise in banking and technology, ensuring the company's solutions are both innovative and practical. The company also places a strong emphasis on workplace culture, earning accolades as one of the best places to work in financial technology. This positive work environment fosters creativity and collaboration, driving continuous improvement and excellence in product offerings. MANTL's digital banking solutions empower financial institutions to enhance their service delivery, achieve operational efficiencies, and drive growth. Through its innovative platform, MANTL continues to set new standards in the digital banking landscape, positioning itself as a leader in financial technology.

Management Team

Nathaniel Harley CEO
Benjamin Conant CTO
Meredith Finn CFO

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