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Mammoth Biosciences is a pioneering biotechnology company focused on leveraging CRISPR technology to revolutionize gene editing and diagnostics. With a strategic emphasis on developing in vivo gene editing therapeutics and advanced CRISPR-based diagnostics, Mammoth Biosciences aims to address significant unmet medical needs and enhance genetic medicine's potential.

Mammoth Biosciences Company Overview

Founded by a team of scientists including CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna, Mammoth Biosciences is at the forefront of the biotechnology industry, specializing in novel CRISPR technologies. The company's headquarters are located in Brisbane, California, where they work on developing next-generation CRISPR products for therapeutics and diagnostics. Mammoth Biosciences' mission is to harness the power of CRISPR gene-editing technology to develop in vivo therapeutics that can offer permanent cures for serious diseases. Their innovative approach includes leveraging novel CRISPR-Cas enzymes from their protein discovery and engineering platform to create precise editing tools with the potential to transform patient lives. The company’s diagnostics division is pioneering a CRISPR-based detection platform, designed to provide revolutionary molecular diagnostics solutions. This platform enables limitless testing possibilities, potentially transforming how diseases are detected and managed globally. Mammoth Biosciences' strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical firms underscore its significant influence and potential within the biotech and healthcare industries. These partnerships are essential for advancing state-of-the-art CRISPR-based gene editing technologies aimed at treating a variety of diseases, demonstrating the company’s commitment to medical innovation and its impactful role in shaping future genetic therapies. Mammoth Biosciences also focuses heavily on intellectual property and innovation, with a robust portfolio that includes exclusive licenses to novel micro-sized CRISPR proteins. This strategic emphasis on IP and collaboration with industry leaders underpins their vision to deliver on the full promise of genetic medicine. With a distinguished leadership team and a committed workforce, Mammoth Biosciences is not only a leader in CRISPR technology but also a promising player in the biotechnological innovation space, dedicated to meeting unmet patient needs and overcoming the grand challenges of the CRISPR field.

Management Team

Trevor Martin Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Janice Chen Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Lucas Harrington Co-founder and Chief Science Officer
Jennifer Doudna Co-founder and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board
Elaine Sun Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Ted Tisch Chief Agility Officer
Phil Tinmouth Chief Business and Strategy Officer

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