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Magic Leap is a pioneering technology company specializing in augmented reality (AR) solutions for business applications. Their flagship product, Magic Leap 2, is designed to enhance operational efficiency across multiple industries through immersive AR experiences. The device supports a variety of applications including training, collaboration, and project visualization, making it a versatile tool for enterprise needs.

Founded: 2010

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Magic Leap Company Overview

Founded with the vision of integrating digital content into real-world environments, Magic Leap has established itself as a leader in enterprise augmented reality through its innovative product, Magic Leap 2. This device allows users to interact with high-quality AR visuals seamlessly integrated into their physical workspace. The transparent lenses equipped with expansive field of view (FOV) and image washout prevention technology enhance its applicability across diverse industry environments. Magic Leap 2 is engineered to improve workplace efficiency and safety, accelerate training and skills development, and facilitate effective collaboration even in remote settings. The technology enables complex visualizations for decision-making and client presentations, providing a competitive edge in market responsiveness and customer engagement. For developers, Magic Leap offers an open platform that supports extensive customization through OpenXR standards, ensuring its adaptability to varying enterprise needs. Additionally, the headset's design prioritizes comfort for extended use, which is crucial for all-day applications. Magic Leap's commitment to enhancing industrial productivity and innovation is evident in its continuous development of AR solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly, making it a valuable investment for businesses aiming to leverage cutting-edge technology.

Management Team

Rony Abovitz President and CEO
John Gaeta SVP of Creative Strategy
Rio Caraeff Chief Content Officer
Graeme Davis Chief Creative Officer, VP of Games, Apps, and CR Experiences
Brian Schowengerdt Chief Science and Experience Officer
Henk Vlietstra COO

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