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M1 Finance is a technology-driven financial platform that integrates key investment services with personal banking products to offer a comprehensive wealth management solution. It enables users to invest, borrow, and spend within one seamless interface, promoting an integrated approach to personal finance management. The platform is particularly recognized for allowing customizable portfolios and automated investment options without commission fees, providing tools like high-yield cash accounts and low-rate personal loans.

Founded: 2015

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M1 Company Overview

M1 Finance, launched in 2015, has rapidly grown into a prominent digital finance platform, managing billions in client assets since inception. M1's innovative approach integrates investing, borrowing, and spending into one seamless experience, making sophisticated financial management accessible. At its core, M1 allows users to create customized investment portfolios called "Pies," which include a mix of stocks and ETFs that the platform manages automatically, maintaining target allocations. The borrowing aspect of M1 offers users the unique opportunity to secure low-interest loans directly through the platform, providing a flexible way to access funds without disrupting investment strategies. These margin loans are complemented by competitive personal loan offerings, providing comprehensive borrowing solutions. Additionally, M1 Spend, the platform's checking account feature, offers high-yield returns on deposits, effectively integrating banking directly with investment and borrowing services. This integration is aimed at enhancing the overall financial growth and efficiency for users, promoting a more unified management of personal finances. M1 Finance is committed to high standards of security and regulatory compliance as a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC, ensuring that client assets and data are protected with advanced security measures. The platform's recognition in the finance industry is reflected in its features across major financial publications, praising its ability to democratize sophisticated financial tools. Founder Brian Barnes's vision of a comprehensive, user-friendly financial platform drives M1's continuous growth and innovation. The company not only simplifies personal finance but also empowers users to optimize their financial strategies effectively, making M1 Finance a standout in the tech-driven financial services sector.

Management Team

Brian Barnes Founder & CEO
Kevin Vance Co-Founder & COO
Brandon Krieg Co-Founder & President
Steve Isakowitz CFO
Colin Kennedy CTO

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