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Lyra Health is a global leader in workforce mental health solutions, providing evidence-based care that enhances both individual lives and organizational performance. Trusted by top companies worldwide, Lyra offers a comprehensive suite of mental health services that cater to diverse needs, including therapy, coaching, and crisis support, delivered both in-person and digitally. Through innovative care approaches and a network of specialized providers, Lyra drives significant improvements in mental health outcomes.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with the mission to transform mental health care, Lyra Health bridges the gap between individuals seeking help and the services they need to thrive. The company's evidence-based approach is deeply rooted in clinical research and data-driven insights, ensuring that their mental health solutions are both effective and measurable in their impact. Lyra's services are designed to address a broad spectrum of mental health issues, from day-to-day stress management to more severe conditions such as depression and anxiety. This is achieved through a diverse array of care options, including direct therapy sessions, digital self-help tools, and access to a network of over 20,000 licensed therapists and mental health providers worldwide. These providers are carefully vetted and trained in Lyra’s methodology to ensure consistent, high-quality care across the board. What sets Lyra apart is its commitment to personalized care. The company provides tailored experiences that respect individual preferences and lifestyles, which is a cornerstone of their member experience. This personalized approach is supported by their innovative technology platform, which allows users instant access to care services and a seamless integration into their daily lives, thereby promoting higher engagement and better outcomes. Key outcomes highlighted by Lyra Health include a tenfold increase in utilization compared to traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs), significant reductions in healthcare claims costs, and marked improvements in patient recovery and satisfaction rates. These metrics not only showcase Lyra's effectiveness but also highlight the tangible benefits to businesses, including enhanced productivity and lower turnover rates. Lyra Health was established by prominent figures in the technology and healthcare industries, whose leadership continues to drive the company's vision forward. Their strategic approach focuses on removing barriers to accessing care and on providing a stigma-free environment that encourages individuals to seek help without hesitation. This ethos is evident in every aspect of Lyra's operations, from their client relationships to their extensive provider network and their ongoing commitment to innovation and accessibility in mental health care.

Management Team

David Ebersman Co-Founder, CEO
Connie Chen Chief Medical Officer
Jenny Gonsalves VP Engineering
Elaine Yang VP Operations

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