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Lucidworks is a pioneering company specializing in advanced search and discovery technology. Their platforms enhance user and customer experiences by integrating AI, machine learning, and search technologies across various applications. Lucidworks supports industries ranging from retail to healthcare, providing dynamic solutions that improve knowledge management, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Founded: 2007

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Founded with the mission to revolutionize information retrieval, Lucidworks offers a comprehensive suite of search and discovery solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses across multiple sectors. At its core, Lucidworks employs its Fusion platform, which leverages artificial intelligence, large language models, and machine learning to enhance the accuracy and relevance of search results. The company's technology is crucial for industries such as retail, healthcare, financial services, and government, where it enhances the digital experience by enabling more efficient search and navigation of complex data systems. For example, in retail, Lucidworks' solutions power advanced ecommerce search functionalities and personalized shopping experiences that boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Lucidworks' approach is characterized by its integration of neural hybrid search techniques, which combine neural networks, lexical search, and semantic search to understand and predict user intent, delivering more precise and contextually relevant information. This ability to process and analyze large volumes of data in real-time significantly improves decision-making processes and operational efficiencies in organizations. The company's commitment to innovation is also evident in its contributions to the field of generative AI, where it remains at the forefront of applying these technologies to enhance knowledge management and customer experience. With a strong focus on compliance and security, Lucidworks continues to expand its influence and help businesses harness the full potential of their data.

Management Team

Michael Sinoway CEO
Reade Frank COO
Guy Sperry CTO
Troy Monney Chief Marketing Officer
Phil Ryan Chief Architect

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