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LucidLink offers a revolutionary cloud-based solution for remote collaboration on creative projects, enabling real-time access and editing of large files from any location. Their platform is designed for creative teams in fields like video production, animation, and design, ensuring seamless integration with existing creative tools and enhanced security through zero-knowledge encryption.

Founded: 2016

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Founded with the vision to transform collaborative work for creative professionals, LucidLink has quickly established itself as a key player in cloud storage solutions. The platform caters specifically to the needs of creative teams dealing with large files and complex projects that require real-time collaboration, regardless of the geographical barriers between team members. At its core, LucidLink's product allows users to instantly access, stream, and edit large media files, such as video and design documents, directly from the cloud without the need for lengthy downloads or synchronization. This is particularly advantageous in industries like film production, graphic design, and animation, where file sizes can be cumbersome and collaboration is often critical. One of the standout features of LucidLink is its commitment to security. The platform utilizes what is known as zero-knowledge encryption, a method that ensures that all data is encrypted on the client's side before it is sent to the cloud. This means that not even LucidLink itself has access to the contents of the files, providing users with an extra layer of security and privacy. The integration capabilities of LucidLink are also a significant aspect of its design. The platform works seamlessly with popular creative tools, allowing users to work on files directly within their favorite applications without any disruption to their existing workflows. This ease of use is complemented by features designed to enhance team collaboration, such as shared workspaces and real-time updates, which ensure that all team members are always in sync with the latest changes to projects. LucidLink's solution is scalable, catering not only to small teams but also offering robust options for enterprise-level organizations. This scalability is matched by comprehensive administrative controls and support, ensuring that companies of any size can effectively manage their creative workflows. LucidLink provides a powerful, secure, and user-friendly platform that enhances the way creative teams collaborate across distances, making it an ideal choice for industries where innovation and speed are critical.

Management Team

Peter Thompson Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Umesh Maheshwari Ph.D Chief Scientist
George Dochev Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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