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Loggi is a leading logistics company in Brazil, offering fast and cost-efficient delivery services. Utilizing advanced technology, Loggi provides real-time tracking for express deliveries, catering to businesses, restaurants, e-commerce, and individual customers. They aim to revolutionize logistics in Brazil with reliable and scalable solutions.

Founded: 2013

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Loggi Company Overview

Founded with the mission to transform logistics in Brazil, Loggi leverages cutting-edge technology to provide fast, efficient, and reliable delivery services. The company focuses on connecting various sectors through its robust logistics network, offering specialized solutions for businesses, restaurants, e-commerce platforms, and individual customers. Key services include courier deliveries, food delivery, and high-performance last-mile solutions for e-commerce, ensuring next-day delivery for customers. Loggi’s innovative approach includes real-time delivery tracking, allowing clients to monitor their orders at every stage. This transparency enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The company also supports a flexible workforce of drivers, offering them the opportunity to increase their income by driving whenever convenient. In addition to delivery services, Loggi emphasizes scalability and optimization, providing businesses with the tools and support necessary to streamline their delivery processes. This combination of technology, flexibility, and customer-centric solutions positions Loggi as a pivotal player in the Brazilian logistics landscape, driving growth and efficiency in urban delivery services.

Management Team

Fabien Mendez Co-Founder, CEO
Arthur Debert Co-Founder, CPO

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