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Loft Orbital is a pioneering company in the space sector, offering infrastructure as a service to simplify access to space. They specialize in deploying satellites quickly and reliably, using a standardized satellite bus for all missions to ensure consistency and reduce risk. Their services cater to a variety of industries by providing flexible and turnkey solutions for satellite operations.

Founded: 2017

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Founded with the vision of democratizing access to space, Loft Orbital leverages a unique business model that significantly reduces the barriers typically associated with space missions. The company provides a comprehensive solution by offering space infrastructure as a service. This model allows clients to focus on their payloads while Loft Orbital manages the complexities of satellite operation. Loft Orbital has developed a standardized satellite bus capable of accommodating a diverse range of payloads. This payload-agnostic approach ensures that the technical aspects of satellite integration are handled efficiently, with pre-built hardware and software solutions that can support various mission requirements. The company maintains a ready inventory of satellite buses and has scheduled quarterly launches, which enables them to deliver missions within months rather than years—a crucial advantage in the rapidly evolving space industry. Operating from key locations in San Francisco, California; Golden, Colorado; and Toulouse, France, Loft Orbital has positioned itself strategically in significant aerospace hubs. The team is composed of seasoned professionals from the aerospace sector, committed to transforming how payloads reach orbit. They utilize plug-and-play technology to streamline the satellite preparation process, which not only speeds up the timeline but also reduces the risks associated with space missions. Loft Orbital's client base spans various sectors, illustrating the broad appeal of their services. As the space industry continues to grow, Loft Orbital's innovative solutions and customer-centric service model make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to explore space opportunities.

Management Team

Pierre-Damien Vaujour Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Alexander Greenberg Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, & Board Member
Pieter Duijn Chief Technology Officer
Lucas Bremond Chief Architect & Satellite Operations
Henry Marshall Vice President, Finance

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