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Lightmatter is a pioneering company in the photonic computing sector, revolutionizing how chips process and communicate data through innovative technologies. Their product line targets significant enhancements in AI processing capabilities while reducing environmental impacts. With a focus on photonic solutions, Lightmatter is at the forefront of advancing next-generation computing technologies.

Founded: 2017

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Lightmatter Company Overview

Founded in Mountain View, California, Lightmatter is driving the evolution of computing with its ground-breaking photonic technology. The company has developed a unique platform that merges photonics with traditional transistor-based systems, aiming to dramatically improve the efficiency and speed of AI computations. Lightmatter's flagship products include Passage™, a wafer-scale programmable photonic interconnect that facilitates high-speed communication between heterogeneous chip arrays, and Envise™, a general-purpose machine learning accelerator. Lightmatter’s approach promises a dual benefit: significantly lower energy consumption and enhanced computational performance, which they believe is foundational for the next phase of Moore’s Law. This innovation is particularly critical as global demand for AI and high-performance computing solutions grows, stressing the limitations of current semiconductor technology in terms of both power efficiency and processing capability. The company's leadership team, experts in machine learning, photonics, and semiconductor engineering, is committed to advancing these technologies. Lightmatter's focus is on achieving significant advances in computational performance while reducing energy consumption.

Management Team

Nicholas Harris Ph.D Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President
Thomas Graham Co-Founder & CFO
Darius Bunandar Ph.D Founder, Chief Scientist

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