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LeoLabs is at the forefront of space operation services, specializing in satellite tracking and collision avoidance for commercial enterprises and government agencies. Utilizing advanced radar technologies and proprietary software, LeoLabs provides essential real-time data and operational safety solutions, ensuring efficient and secure space missions around the globe.

Founded: 2016

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LeoLabs Company Overview

Founded to address the growing needs of satellite operators and space mission stakeholders, LeoLabs has established itself as a pivotal player in the space industry. The company leverages its innovative radar network and software platforms, such as LeoLabs Vertex™, to offer a range of services including LeoTrack, LeoSafe, LeoLaunch, and LeoRisk. These services cater to various aspects of space operations, from tracking and monitoring satellite fleets of any size to providing collision avoidance and comprehensive mission risk assessments. LeoLabs' technology is built on a global network of phased array radars that cover both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, enabling unmatched coverage and data delivery. This infrastructure supports the company's mission to enhance the safety and transparency of space operations. LeoLabs' solutions are trusted by satellite operators, commercial entities, and federal agencies worldwide to execute safe and efficient operations in low Earth orbit. The company's leadership in the space industry is also marked by its contributions to national projects, such as its selection to advance the National Space Traffic Coordination System. This involvement underscores LeoLabs' role in shaping global space traffic management strategies and enhancing orbital sustainability. LeoLabs continues to expand its influence and capabilities, with recent executive appointments and ongoing enhancements to its service offerings. Through its commitment to innovation and safety, LeoLabs is propelling the dynamic era of space operations, playing a crucial role in the evolution of the aerospace sector.

Management Team

Tony Frazier Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Ceperley Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
John Buonocore Co-founder and Chief Engineer
Eileen Treanor Chief Financial Officer
Jacinta Tobin Chief Revenue Officer
Matthew Sanders Chief Information Security Officer
Edward Lu Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

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