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Leia Inc. specializes in advanced 3D display technology that allows users to experience high-quality 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. Their flagship product, LeiaSR™, integrates cutting-edge AI with their proprietary 3D Cell technology, enhancing various display types from smartphones to car dashboards. Aimed at improving visual communication and entertainment, LeiaSR™ supports seamless interaction with 3D and extended reality content, making it a significant player in the tech industry.

Founded: 2014

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Founded with a vision to revolutionize the way we interact with digital media, Leia Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in the 3D display technology sector. The company's groundbreaking product, LeiaSR™, exemplifies their commitment to innovation. This technology leverages a unique blend of 3D Cell technology and artificial intelligence to enable glass-free 3D viewing. Its application spans across various devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even vehicle displays, ensuring a versatile and broad market appeal. Leia's technology allows for an immersive viewing experience by adding depth and realism to digital content without compromising the quality of the standard 2D view. This feature is particularly advantageous in fields such as gaming, where it enhances the player's immersion into the game environment, and in professional settings where 3D models and simulations are crucial for presentations and reviews. The development of LeiaSR™ is a testament to the company's focus on user-centric innovation. It supports nearly all existing 3D and XR content, facilitated by an AI-powered software development kit that ensures compatibility and ease of integration for developers. This approach not only broadens the potential applications of LeiaSR™ but also encourages adoption by making it easy to incorporate into existing systems and workflows. In addition to its technological advancements, Leia is also committed to fostering a supportive ecosystem for developers. They offer extensive resources and support to help integrate LeiaSR™ technology, thereby promoting a collaborative environment for innovation in 3D content creation. As a pioneer in the industry, Leia continues to expand its influence and capabilities, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital display technology. Their efforts not only enhance user experiences across various platforms but also set new standards for the future of visual communication and interactive technology.

Management Team

Fabio Esposito CEO
David Fattal CTO and Founder
Hassane El-Khoury Chairman

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