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League offers a comprehensive digital platform designed to transform the healthcare consumer experience. By leveraging data-driven personalization, scalable infrastructure, and seamless integrations, League enables healthcare organizations to deliver hyper-personalized, omnichannel experiences that enhance patient engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Founded: 2014

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League, founded to transform the healthcare consumer experience, offers an innovative digital platform designed for healthcare organizations including payers, providers, consumer health services, and employers. The platform enhances member engagement, patient retention, and the management of health and benefits through its advanced, scalable, and modular architecture. This architecture supports rapid deployment, flexibility, and integration with existing systems via SDKs, APIs, and a modular UI framework. Leveraging machine learning, League delivers hyper-personalized experiences, ensuring tailored interactions across the healthcare continuum. Key features of League’s platform include data-driven personalization, seamless omnichannel experiences, and robust analytics. By integrating various healthcare services into one cohesive system, League enables organizations to offer customized care pathways, enhancing both access to and quality of healthcare. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Google Cloud, Deloitte, and Highmark Health further bolster the platform’s capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive, data-rich environment for healthcare delivery. League’s focus on personalized healthcare aims to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and cost-efficiency. The platform's ability to adapt and scale according to the specific needs of each organization makes it a valuable tool in the evolving healthcare landscape. Through its commitment to innovation and collaboration, League empowers healthcare providers to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of their patients, promoting better health management and a more efficient healthcare system.

Management Team

Michael Serbinis Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Cerisano Chief Financial Officer
Dan Leibu Co-Founder, Chief Product & People Officer
Dan Galperin Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Brian Ancell President, Chief Operating Officer
Muneeb Yusuf Chief Legal Officer
Colin Bettam Chief Marketing Officer

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