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LeafLink is a pioneering wholesale cannabis marketplace and e-commerce platform that connects thousands of licensed cannabis brands and retailers across multiple markets. The platform streamlines ordering, payments, and logistics, ensuring efficient and compliant transactions for the cannabis industry. LeafLink provides comprehensive tools that enhance supply chain management, allowing brands to increase exposure and retailers to simplify their purchasing processes.

Founded: 2016

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LeafLink Company Overview

LeafLink is a wholesale cannabis marketplace that connects a vast network of licensed cannabis brands and retailers across numerous markets. Its platform offers a suite of tools designed to streamline cannabis commerce, including marketplace listings, payment solutions, logistics management, and targeted advertising. These tools help brands increase their market exposure, manage orders, process payments, and analyze sales performance through real-time data insights. Retailers benefit by discovering new products, managing inventory, and simplifying their ordering processes. LeafLink has processed millions of wholesale cannabis transactions and handles substantial payments annually. Its integrations with top ERP, CRM, and seed-to-sale software ensure that cannabis businesses can automate compliance and maintain streamlined operations. The platform’s advanced technology optimizes the entire supply chain for cannabis businesses, facilitating efficient and compliant transactions within the industry. Since its inception, LeafLink has become a trusted partner for many cannabis businesses seeking to enhance productivity and drive sustainable growth. The company continues to innovate, providing robust technology and extensive market reach that empowers cannabis brands and retailers. LeafLink’s commitment to improving supply chain management in the cannabis industry has positioned it as a leader in wholesale cannabis commerce.

Management Team

Ryan Smith CEO, Co-Founder
Zach Silverman CTO, Co-Founder

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