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Leaf Logistics is a supply chain management platform that enhances freight coordination for shippers, carriers, and brokers. It aims to reduce empty miles, secure stable rates, and ensure timely deliveries. By scheduling freight months in advance, Leaf minimizes industry waste and CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable logistics solutions.

Founded: 2017

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Leaf Logistics Company Overview

Leaf Logistics offers a cutting-edge digital logistics platform designed to revolutionize the freight industry. This platform connects shippers, carriers, and brokers to streamline and optimize freight coordination. Addressing the pervasive inefficiencies in traditional freight scheduling, Leaf Logistics aims to reduce empty miles, enhance asset utilization, and provide more reliable delivery schedules. One of the core innovations of Leaf Logistics is its ability to schedule over 90% of freight months in advance. This proactive approach significantly lowers operational costs and boosts delivery reliability for all parties involved. By minimizing last-minute scheduling conflicts and ensuring that freight moves predictably, Leaf Logistics helps stabilize freight rates, offering a level of financial predictability that is rare in the industry. Sustainability is a key focus for Leaf Logistics. By reducing empty miles and optimizing route efficiency, the platform not only cuts costs but also significantly lowers CO2 emissions. This commitment to reducing the environmental impact of freight transportation aligns with global efforts to promote eco-friendly business practices. For shippers, Leaf Logistics offers the advantage of reliable deliveries at competitive rates. The platform ensures that goods are transported efficiently and punctually, reducing the risk of delays and associated costs. Carriers benefit from maximized asset utilization, which translates into higher income for drivers and better overall fleet efficiency. By keeping trucks full and on the move, Leaf Logistics helps carriers increase their profitability and operational efficiency. Brokers, who often act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, also stand to gain significantly from using the Leaf Logistics platform. Consistent and predictable freight schedules simplify the matching process and reduce the time and effort required to find suitable carriers for shipments. This enhanced efficiency can lead to better service levels and stronger relationships with both shippers and carriers. Leaf Logistics fosters a collaborative environment where shippers, carriers, and brokers can work together more effectively. By building trust and promoting transparency among all stakeholders, the platform seeks to transform the logistics landscape. With its innovative, eco-friendly solutions, Leaf Logistics is poised to lead the industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

Management Team

Anshu Prasad CEO
Matt Meyer Head of Execution
Margie Hamlin Lead of Strategic Operations & Account Management
Greer Lynch Head Of Marketing
Bryan Schulte Chief Data Janitor

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