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LanzaTech revolutionizes carbon recycling by transforming carbon emissions into valuable products. Founded to address climate change, their technology converts industrial waste gases into fuels and chemicals. This innovation reduces carbon emissions and supports a sustainable future, making LanzaTech a leader in environmental biotechnology.

Founded: 2005

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LanzaTech Company Overview

LanzaTech is a pioneering company in the field of carbon recycling technology. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, the company focuses on converting carbon emissions into valuable fuels and chemicals through an innovative biotechnological process. This technology captures carbon-rich gases from industrial sources, such as steel mills and landfills, and transforms them into sustainable products, including ethanol and other chemicals. The company's groundbreaking approach reduces the reliance on virgin fossil carbon, contributing significantly to climate change mitigation. The technology developed by LanzaTech is akin to retrofitting a brewery onto an emission source. Instead of using traditional brewing ingredients, the process employs specialized bacteria to convert waste gases into useful products. This method has proven effective at a commercial scale since 2018, showcasing its potential to significantly impact global carbon emissions. LanzaTech has established itself as a leader in sustainable industrial processes, collaborating with various partners worldwide to deploy its technology. Its commitment to sustainability is further evidenced by its extensive work in life cycle analysis (LCA). The company collaborates with international organizations and research institutions to understand and enhance the environmental benefits of its technology. Through these efforts, LanzaTech ensures that its processes not only capture carbon but also contribute to a net-zero future. By transforming waste into valuable resources, LanzaTech is redefining how industries view carbon emissions. The company's vision extends to a future where everyday products, from fuels to consumer goods, are derived from recycled carbon, supporting a sustainable and circular economy.

Management Team

Jennifer Holmgren CEO
Sean Simpson Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Mark Burton General Counsel
Julie Zarraga Vice President Engineering
Freya Burton Chief Sustainability and People Officer
Laurel Harmon Vice President

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