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Lambda Labs is a leading provider of advanced computing solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. Specializing in GPU cloud services, high-performance servers, and workstations, Lambda offers both on-demand and reserved cloud computing resources. Their products support the demanding requirements of machine learning training and inference, enabling customers to efficiently run large-scale AI operations.

Founded: 2006

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Lambda Company Overview

Founded to empower AI innovation, Lambda Labs has carved a niche in providing high-performance computing solutions tailored for machine learning and AI applications. Lambda's product lineup includes Lambda Cloud, which features on-demand and reserved instances powered by NVIDIA's latest GPUs, offering scalable solutions for AI training and inference. These resources are designed to meet the needs of both startups and large enterprises engaged in intensive computational tasks. Lambda also offers a range of physical hardware solutions, such as the Hyperplane and Scalar Servers, equipped with customizable NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs. These servers are designed to support various deployment sizes, from single GPU units to extensive multi-GPU configurations, making them suitable for different levels of computational needs. At the heart of Lambda's offerings is their commitment to accessibility and user-friendly technology. Their Lambda Stack software provides a one-line installation for major machine learning frameworks, which is widely used by over 50,000 ML teams globally. This tool simplifies the management of software dependencies and updates, further facilitating the AI development process. Lambda Labs is recognized for their technical excellence and has established partnerships with industry leaders to enhance their service offerings. This includes their work with NVIDIA to deploy cutting-edge GPU technology and their provision of full-stack solutions for AI applications. Their dedicated support and professional services ensure that clients receive the assistance needed to maximize their computational capabilities for AI research and development. Lambda's commitment to innovation is underscored by their contributions to community and open-source projects, which are aimed at fostering broader access to AI tools and resources.

Management Team

Stephen Balaban Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Mitesh Agrawal Chief Operating Officer
Chuan Li Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer
Michael Balaban Co-Founder and Chief JSON Officer

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