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Labelbox is a leading data-centric AI platform designed to empower teams across industries to build and deploy artificial intelligence applications efficiently. It provides tools for data labeling, model evaluation, and data curation to optimize AI project lifecycles. Trusted by a wide range of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, Labelbox accelerates AI initiatives by enhancing the quality and speed of data preparation and model training.

Founded: 2018

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Founded with the mission to streamline the creation and maintenance of artificial intelligence applications, Labelbox offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for data-centric AI development. The platform caters to various aspects of AI project workflows, including data annotation, model testing, and dataset management, making it a pivotal resource for AI teams seeking to enhance productivity and accuracy in their AI endeavors. Labelbox's product suite includes features like fast AI-assisted data labeling, which utilizes AI-enabled editors for efficient labeling across multiple data types such as images, videos, and texts. The platform also enables the organization of labeling teams, offering capabilities to manage and scale workforce efficiently through services like Boost Workforce labeling. Additionally, Labelbox supports the customization of labeling workflows to ensure the data processed aligns perfectly with specific project requirements. Significantly, Labelbox has been adopted by prominent organizations across diverse sectors, indicating its effectiveness and reliability. The platform’s focus on improving the interaction between human input and automated systems sets it apart, providing users with powerful analytics to optimize the performance of their AI systems. This commitment to advancing AI technology makes Labelbox a valuable asset for companies aiming to leverage AI for competitive advantage.