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Kore.ai is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions, specializing in conversational and generative AI to enhance customer and employee experiences. Their platform offers no-code tools for creating intelligent virtual assistants, improving productivity, and automating customer service interactions across various industries.

Founded: 2014

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Kore.ai Company Overview

Kore.ai is at the forefront of conversational and generative AI technology. The company is dedicated to transforming how businesses interact with customers and employees through advanced AI-driven solutions. Kore.ai's platform offers a suite of no-code tools that allow enterprises to create and deploy intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), which are designed to automate customer service inquiries, enhance employee productivity, and provide round-the-clock multi-channel support. The Kore.ai platform features several flagship products tailored to various industry needs. The XO Platform is designed for experience optimization, enabling businesses to build, test, and deploy conversational AI solutions with ease. GALE, Kore.ai's generative AI offering, leverages advanced machine learning models to create human-like interactions. Additionally, Kore.ai offers specialized virtual assistants such as BankAssist, RetailAssist, and HealthAssist, which come pre-trained for specific industry applications, ensuring rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing systems. These virtual assistants are capable of handling over 80% of routine customer inquiries, significantly reducing the workload on human agents and improving overall service efficiency. Kore.ai's solutions integrate effortlessly with IT Service Management (ITSM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances operational efficiency across various business functions. Kore.ai’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has garnered it a strong reputation globally. The company's AI solutions are widely adopted across multiple sectors, including banking, healthcare, retail, and more, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness in different environments. By leveraging Kore.ai's technology, businesses can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, streamline internal processes, and increase employee productivity, ultimately leading to improved operational performance and competitive advantage. Kore.ai continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with AI, driving digital transformation and enabling businesses to achieve new heights of efficiency and customer engagement. The company's dedication to AI-driven solutions positions it as a leader in the evolving landscape of enterprise AI technology.

Management Team

Raj Koneru CEO, Founder
Peter Wulfraat CRO
George Murphy CCO
Prasanna Arikala CTO
Ravi Singh CFO
Praneet Gill CSO

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