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Kong is a leading provider of API management solutions, empowering businesses to govern, secure, and manage their APIs efficiently. Their comprehensive suite of products, including the widely adopted Kong Gateway and innovative Kong Konnect, caters to a range of needs from API governance to security. Renowned for enhancing developer productivity and security, Kong serves an impressive roster of global clients, securing its place as a pivotal player in the API world.

Founded: 2017

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Kong Company Overview

Founded in 2007, initially under the name Mashape, the company rebranded to Kong in 2017 as it shifted focus to address the complex challenges of API management. Kong has evolved into a pivotal entity within the tech industry, particularly recognized for its influential API solutions. The company's flagship product, Kong Gateway, is celebrated as the world's most adopted API gateway, indicative of its robust capabilities and wide acceptance. Alongside this, Kong offers Kong Konnect, a SaaS API management platform that integrates seamlessly into various IT environments, providing a unified approach to API management. Kong's product lineup extends to specialized solutions such as the Kong Mesh, which leverages modern service mesh technology for enterprise use, and Kong Insomnia, a collaborative API design platform enhancing the workflow for developers. These offerings are underpinned by a strong emphasis on security, scalability, and performance, catering to the high demands of contemporary digital enterprises. The founders of Kong envisioned a platform that would simplify API management while providing the security and scalability necessary for modern digital applications. This vision has translated into a suite of products that support API governance, security, and comprehensive lifecycle management across multiple environments—from cloud-native applications to on-premise solutions. Kong is not just a technology provider but also a community driver in the tech space, with extensive resources aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration among developers. Their contributions to open-source projects and active participation in educational initiatives underscore their commitment to the technological community. Trusted by hundreds of companies across diverse industries, Kong remains at the forefront of API management, continuously innovating to meet the dynamic needs of global businesses.

Management Team

August Marietti CEO and Co-founder
Marco Palladino CTO and Co-founder
Juliette Rizkallah CMO
Chirag Shah CFO
Sunil Wadhwa CCO

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