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KoBold Metals leverages advanced artificial intelligence and data aggregation to revolutionize mineral exploration. By engaging in numerous projects worldwide, KoBold aims to discover critical battery metals essential for clean energy. Their proprietary technology reduces uncertainties in exploration, transforming it into a precise science. Founded to address the global need for sustainable mineral resources, KoBold is committed to ethical and efficient resource development.

Founded: 2018

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KoBold Metals is a pioneering company in the mineral exploration industry, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and comprehensive data aggregation to discover and develop critical battery metals. Established to meet the global demand for sustainable mineral resources, KoBold engages in numerous projects across four continents. Their innovative approach transforms mineral exploration from a traditionally intuition-driven process into a precise, repeatable science. KoBold's proprietary technology includes the Epistemology of Exploration, which reduces uncertainties by quantifying information gaps and systematically addressing them. This method is enhanced by their AI tool, Machine Prospector®, which continuously evolves to provide more accurate data analysis and decision-making capabilities. By leveraging TerraShed, a specialized data system, KoBold ensures efficient organization, categorization, and accessibility of vast geoscientific information. The founding team of KoBold Metals comprises leaders in geoscience who have contributed to significant mineral discoveries in recent decades. The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, safety, and environmental stewardship in all its operations. Through a multidisciplinary approach, KoBold is set to revolutionize the mineral exploration industry, ensuring a steady supply of essential metals for the clean energy future and playing a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Management Team

Kurt House, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer
Josh Goldman, Ph.D. President
Daniel Enderton, Ph.D Chief Strategy Officer
Tom Hunt, Ph.D. VP of Technology
Jeff Jurinak, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer
Traci Paramour, CPA Director of Finance & Operations

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