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Kobalt Music Group is an independent music publishing and rights management company that offers services like music publishing, label services, and rights administration. Utilizing advanced technology, Kobalt ensures transparent and efficient royalty collection and distribution. The company supports thousands of artists and hundreds of publishing companies globally, empowering creators to maintain control and ownership of their work.

Founded: 2000

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Kobalt Music Group is a pioneering independent music publishing and rights management company. The company transforms the music industry by leveraging advanced technology to offer transparent and efficient royalty collection and distribution. Kobalt operates through three main divisions: Kobalt Music Publishing, Kobalt Label Services (KLS), and AMRA. Kobalt Music Publishing employs sophisticated algorithms to monitor and collect royalties from diverse digital platforms, ensuring accurate and timely payments. This division quickly gained significant market share among top music publishers in the U.S. Kobalt Label Services, introduced in 2012, enables artists to retain ownership of their master recordings while offering comprehensive record label services, including digital distribution and marketing support. AMRA, Kobalt's global digital society for royalty collection, aims to minimize the complexities and inefficiencies in the royalty collection process. This division aligns with Kobalt's mission to bring transparency and fairness to the music industry, guaranteeing that songwriters and rights holders are compensated equitably. Kobalt's catalog includes approximately 600,000 songs, representing around 8,000 artists and 600 publishing companies worldwide. The company's commitment to transparency, technology, and artist empowerment has earned it multiple accolades, including numerous Independent Music Publisher of the Year awards from Music Week. With a focus on innovative solutions and a dedication to enhancing the music ecosystem, Kobalt Music Group continues to be a trusted partner for artists and rights holders globally. The company's approach ensures that creators maintain control and ownership of their work while benefiting from Kobalt's cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services.

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Laurent Hubert CEO
Johan Land CPO
Jeannette Perez Chief Experience Officer

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