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Keap is a robust CRM and automation platform designed for small businesses. It enhances customer management, marketing, and sales processes through automated workflows. With two decades of experience and serving a broad user base, Keap provides tools for email marketing, lead management, and payment automation, along with strategic consulting services.

Founded: 2001

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Keap Company Overview

Keap is a premier CRM and automation software provider focused on small businesses. Originally launched as Infusionsoft, Keap offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline various business operations. Its core functionalities include customer relationship management, marketing automation, and sales automation. Keap’s CRM system enables businesses to efficiently manage and segment customer data, ensuring personalized and targeted interactions. Marketing automation features allow users to automate follow-ups, run email marketing campaigns, and capture leads through forms and landing pages. Sales automation tools help in managing the sales pipeline, converting leads into customers, and facilitating seamless scheduling and invoicing. A standout feature of Keap is its lifecycle automation framework, guiding businesses through automating the entire customer journey from initial contact to post-sale engagement. This systematic approach helps maintain consistent communication, nurture leads, and ultimately boost sales and customer satisfaction. The platform is designed for ease of use, featuring an intuitive automation builder and AI-driven tools that assist in creating effective workflows. Keap also offers robust customer support with 24/7 chat, U.S.-based phone support, and professional services from automation experts. Additionally, Keap Academy provides on-demand product training and various resources to help businesses maximize their use of the platform. Keap’s longstanding expertise and tailored solutions make it an ideal partner for small businesses looking to enhance their operations through advanced automation and CRM tools.

Management Team

Clate Mask Co-founder & CEO
Scott Martineau Co-founder & CMO
Rajesh Bhatia CTO

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