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Eat Just, Inc., specializes in producing plant-based egg substitutes, designed to offer a sustainable and health-conscious alternative to traditional eggs. Their product lineup includes various forms such as liquid eggs and pre-cooked items, catering to both consumer and professional culinary needs. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Eat Just aims to transform the food industry by providing environmentally friendly and nutritious options.

Founded: 2011

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Eat Just, Inc., is a food technology company renowned for its pioneering work in developing plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products. Their flagship product, JUST Egg, mimics the taste, texture, and functionality of chicken eggs using mung beans as the primary ingredient, which significantly reduces the product's environmental footprint compared to traditional egg production. This innovation is part of their broader mission to address food sustainability and health issues. The company was co-founded by Josh Tetrick, who aimed to transform the food system through biotechnology and innovative food sciences. Alongside JUST Egg, their product range has expanded to include a variety of dressings and mayonnaise, all crafted to be delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. The products are available across a wide range of retailers and have been incorporated into the menus of various restaurants and food services, highlighting their versatility and widespread acceptance. The corporate ethos centers around improving human health, ensuring food security, and mitigating the environmental impact of food production. Eat Just, Inc. not only focuses on product development but also actively participates in community engagement and environmental advocacy, emphasizing their commitment to global well-being and ecological sustainability.

Management Team

Josh Tetrick Founder, CEO
Leon Lin CFO

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