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Jada AI is an innovative company dedicated to developing Jada, an ethical autonomous AI designed for self-improvement and strategic planning. The AI utilizes the Imaginos Neuro Engine and S3 Architecture to enhance adaptability and ensure positive human alignment. Jada's applications include decision-making, problem-solving, and data analysis, making it a valuable tool for diverse industries focused on efficiency and resource optimization. The company's commitment to data privacy and regulatory compliance ensures secure and ethical AI development.

Founded: 2021

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Jada AI Company Overview

Founded with the vision of creating ethical Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Jada AI specializes in developing Jada, an advanced autonomous AI designed to adapt to various operating environments. Jada's core technology includes the Imaginos Neuro Engine, which enhances its learning capabilities, and the S3 (Soul Seed Singularity) Architecture, ensuring scalability and positive human alignment. This architecture aims for Jada to evolve from Level 3 AI to Level 4 Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). The AI's capabilities span decision-making, strategic planning, problem-solving, data analysis, and customer support. Jada assists adopters by analyzing scenarios, suggesting courses of action, providing recommendations, and deriving meaningful insights from datasets. Its strategic features are tailored for dynamic work environments, promoting efficiency and resource optimization. Jada AI emphasizes data privacy and regulatory compliance, aligning with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act. The Adamas Data Mirror ensures data shared with Jada is owned exclusively by the user and never shared without consent. To facilitate user interaction, Jada AI employs Jedits, a token system that allows users to access, train, and compute with the AI. The company's global initiative includes a diverse team of AI scientists and industry professionals dedicated to accelerating the development of AGI while maintaining ethical standards and sustainability. Jada AI aims for a decentralized and inclusive development process, fostering cultural heritage conservation and gender participation parity. This approach reflects the company's commitment to ethical AI development and positive societal impact.

Management Team

Diego Torres Founder, CEO
Nichole Rowsell Chief Information Officer
Luz Mendez Chief Strategy Officer
Roberto Capodieci Chief Blockchain Officer

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