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Iterable is a sophisticated cross-channel marketing platform designed to enhance customer experience through dynamic communication tools. It empowers businesses to create, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns across multiple channels including email, SMS, and social media. This platform is especially valuable for brands looking to engage customers with personalized, data-driven messages and seamless integration across various communication channels.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in San Francisco, Iterable has positioned itself as a leader in marketing automation by offering a versatile platform that leverages real-time data for personalized customer engagements. Its key product suite includes tools for designing, delivering, and optimizing marketing messages across email, mobile, web, and more, which helps brands to maintain consistent and engaging communication with their audiences. The founders, Andrew Boni and Justin Zhu, launched Iterable to address the gap in personalized marketing solutions that can operate at scale. Their vision was to create a marketing platform that not only automates tasks but also provides deep insights and analytics to drive better engagement and customer loyalty. Iterable distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape due to its emphasis on user-friendliness and integration capabilities, allowing marketers to harness the power of their existing technology stacks to improve campaign performance. The platform's AI-powered optimization tools and comprehensive analytics suite enable marketers to measure campaign effectiveness and make data-informed decisions rapidly. Iterable stands as a significant presence in the rapidly expanding field of marketing technology. Its effectiveness is highlighted by its wide acceptance among top global brands and its continuous advancement in AI and machine learning to enhance user engagement strategies.

Management Team

Justin Zhu Co-Founder, CEO
Andrew Boni Co-Founder
Jeff Samuels COO
Will Johnson CFO
Andrew Becherer Chief Information Security Officer
Sara Riedl VP of People
Tasha Reasor VP of Demand Generation & Customer Marketing
Bela Stepanova VP of Product
Krishnakanth Reddy VP of Customer Success

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