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Ironclad is a leading provider of AI-powered contract management software. Their platform equips businesses with comprehensive tools to handle all aspects of contract lifecycle management, including creation, negotiation, and analytics. Ironclad's solutions integrate with major business functions like sales, finance, and HR, enhancing efficiencies and supporting better compliance.

Founded: 2014

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Ironclad Company Overview

Ironclad is renowned for revolutionizing the contract lifecycle management (CLM) sector through its sophisticated AI-driven platform. This tool is designed to automate and enhance the entire contract process, from drafting and negotiation to execution and analysis, catering to various industries including legal, finance, and human resources. The core of Ironclad’s offerings includes a dynamic workflow designer that automates contract-specific tasks and an AI-powered repository that consolidates all contract data. This integration ensures streamlined operations and better compliance management. Moreover, the platform’s digital contracting tools support efficient negotiation and compliance processes, while also facilitating e-signatures and clickwrap agreements to expedite deal closures. Significantly, Ironclad integrates seamlessly with other business systems, such as Salesforce. This integration facilitates efficient contract initiation and management within existing sales workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the time to close deals. Ironclad's commitment to improving business processes extends beyond software solutions. The company provides extensive support through training programs, a dedicated community platform, and a detailed help center. These resources are part of Ironclad’s strategy to maintain its platform’s relevance and efficiency, thereby enabling businesses to transform contracts into strategic assets that foster significant growth.

Management Team

Jason Boehmig CEO
Cai GoGwilt CTO
Dean Cormier Chief Sales Officer
Wyeth Goodenough Chief Customer Officer
Joyce Solano CMO

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