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Instawork is a dynamic platform that connects businesses with a large pool of local hourly workers across various industries, including food and beverage, events, and retail. It offers solutions for short-term, long-term, and permanent staffing needs, simplifying the process of hiring qualified staff with its user-friendly mobile app. Trusted by top brands, Instawork ensures a reliable workforce with a vetting process and performance tracking, making it a crucial resource for flexible staffing.

Founded: 2015

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Instawork Company Overview

Founded with the mission to revolutionize the traditional staffing system, Instawork offers a comprehensive platform where businesses can quickly fill their staffing needs with pre-vetted professionals. The platform caters to a variety of industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, and event management. Instawork’s innovative approach is to provide a seamless connection between businesses and workers through an intuitive app, allowing for instant bookings and real-time updates. Instawork has distinguished itself in the market by developing a robust network of over six million workers, ensuring that businesses experience high fill rates and often express a desire to rehire the workers they find through the platform. This system benefits not only businesses in need of reliable staff but also workers seeking flexible employment opportunities. Workers on Instawork can manage their schedules, pick up shifts that suit their needs, and receive immediate payment, enhancing their work-life balance. The company was founded by entrepreneurs motivated by the gaps they observed in the traditional staffing industry. They noticed the challenges businesses faced in finding reliable temporary staff and the friction workers experienced in seeking flexible work opportunities. In response, they designed Instawork as a solution that leverages technology to streamline the process, enhance worker reliability, and improve overall satisfaction for both parties. Instawork also adds value through additional features like economic research insights, which provide businesses with data on labor market trends, helping them make informed decisions. For workers, Instawork offers programs such as the Top Pro Program, which rewards consistent high performance with bonuses and benefits, fostering a motivated and engaged workforce. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Instawork continues to grow and adapt, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the staffing industry, offering effective solutions for the modern-day labor market.

Management Team

Sumir Meghani CEO/President
Debarshi Kar Chief Technology Officer
Cathy Hardin Chief Revenue Officer
Mark Wallace Chief Financial Officer

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