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Instabug offers a robust platform for mobile app teams, focusing on enhancing app performance and user experience through comprehensive bug reporting, crash analytics, and real-time feedback tools. This suite is designed to facilitate smooth development processes and optimized issue resolution for mobile applications across various operating systems.

Founded: 2014

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Instabug Company Overview

Instabug is a vital tool for mobile developers, providing advanced features for tracking and resolving performance issues within mobile apps. The platform caters to a range of development environments with support for iOS, Android, and other major frameworks, making it an adaptable solution for developers worldwide. Instabug's services integrate seamlessly with popular development tools, enhancing workflow efficiency. The company offers essential features like session replays and performance monitoring, enabling developers to maintain app stability and improve user experiences. This direct feedback mechanism helps teams quickly address issues, leading to higher user satisfaction and improved app ratings. Instabug is trusted by over 25,000 mobile teams due to its commitment to security and compliance with standards like SOC2 and GDPR. This trust is bolstered by its regular security audits and adherence to global data protection regulations, positioning it as a reliable partner in mobile app development.

Management Team

Omar Gabr Co-Founder, CEO
Moataz Soliman Co-Founder, CTO
Nick Bogaty CRO

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